Painting, grit blasting and sign making

In this area we make all the finish process when the trailer is already assembled. We use for it an air-crane lane which takes the trailer over all the application process.

  1. First, trailers are taken into the tumblast cabin. Here we apply them a metallic grit blasting (steel blasted with a high air pressure). This way we get an ideal basis for painting, because this process eliminates all type of dirtiness or grease trailers can have. Those ones are finally dry, clean and slightly rough.
  2. Trailers cross 4 painting rooms (44 linear meters all together): print painting, finish process and oven-dry. In this area there is a big digitalized mixing room, where we fix the mixing and the temperature of the paint when this leaves the paint spray gun. This process is conceived in perfect harmony with the environment by means of using evacuation filters and even mater-based paint.
  3. The last part of the process consists in fitting hydraulic and electrical system, optional equipment and labeling.



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