Ctra. Cogeces del Monte Km 0,5. 47300 Peñafiel, Valladolid (España).


The company’s history begins in 1905. Next you can see the most representative events of our history (please click the time line from the low part of the page or move the mouse on it, or click the sides of the images in order you can know our history).

1905 The beginnings 1905 It all began in the village of Fompedraza with Pedro Garcia Iglesias. He had a small cart workshop where he worked iron and wood. He made horse carts and repaired ploughs for near farmers. His sons Felix, Maximino and Santiago Garcia de la Fuente carried on the profession in Cogeces Del Monte. remolques 1905 1933 Location in Langayo 1933 Felix was continuing in Cogeces Del Monte, when Santiago and Maximino moved to Langayo. remolques1933 1934 First wood-made trailers 1934 Only Maximino remained with the family activity, since Felix died and Santiago changed to grocery trade business. In Langayo, while carts were making, Maximino began to manufacture the first wooden trailers. remolques 1934 1955 First metal-made trailer 1955 Maximino and his three sons Angel, Alberto and Onesimo manufactured the first entirely metal tractor trailer. remolques 1955 1968 Move to Peñafiel 1968 Angel, Alberto and Onesimo moved to Peñafiel. A factory adapt to the market demand was built under the brand Hermanos Garcia. The product rate increases in quantity and size. The first tipping trailers up to 18 tons were manufactured. remolques 1968 1979 Second factory in Peñafiel Año 1979 Se construye la 2ª fábrica en Peñafiel dejando la empresa el hermano mayor. Son Alberto y Onésimo los que siguen con la actividad. En esta nueva fábrica comienza la expansión regional de la marca, se fabrican los primeros remolques bañera y los primeros remolques de 3 ejes (Gran Tonelaje). remolques 1979 1987 New generation From 1987 to 1993 Upon the death of Alberto, his son Jose Maria Garcia joined the company with Onesimo. Between the years 1987 & 1993 Onesimo’s sons: Alfonso, Asuncion and Ramon Garcia Arranz joined their cousin. They consolidated the new generation and promoted the brand across all the national territory. remolques 1987 2001 Expansion of manufacturing 2001 Third factory in Peñafiel was built in 26.000 m2 of land which 8.000 m2 are covered. Manufacturing was expanded with manure spreaders and tankers of liquids. remolques 2001 2003 Top selling brand... 2003 Thanks to the commercial, administrative, production staff and, of course, the trust placed by dealers and customers, we managed to be the best-selling brand in trailers in Spain, holding the position year after year, until 2020, for 18 consecutive years. 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2006 ...also in manure spreaders Año 2006 Five years after starting with manure spreaders, in 2006 we became the best-selling brand in Spain. In this case, we have alternated the first position with other brands. This year exports began. 2006 2009 Exports consolidation 2009 Exports were consolidated by significantly increasing sales figures in international trade. The importers created from the beginning are strengthened and we opened new points of sale in several countries, with excellent acceptance of the product by the end costumer. Transporte Transporte 2010 Rooms renovation 2010 Due to a fire, the four painting rooms were renovated, providing them with the latest techniques respecting the environment (clean extractions, water-based paints, etc.). We incorporated new ranges of manufacturing products, such as high range manure spreaders of various sizes or trailers for cattle transportation. remolques 2012 Manucfaturing is expanded 2012 Manufacturing were expanded with mineral and organic fertilizers, setting the target of providing all our customers with a full range in terms of transport. remolques 2014 Sales over the five contents 2014 We expanded the factory land with the acquisition of 22.000 m2: We asphalted large fields that allow us to store both components and finished products. Disposing on the same plot of 48,000m2 Disponiendo en la misma parcela de 48.000 m2. remolques 2016 Respectful with the enviroment 2016 Committed to protecting the environment, we began to develop slurry applicators to avoid nitrogen contamination. Devices that can be controlled with nutrient meter systems (MDP 4.0 and 5.0 systems). In this way, all our tankers, apart from being respectful with the environment, revalue the residue as fertilizer for crops. It has a software that measures and distributes the slurry proportionally, with an administrative control. Remolque 2018 New homologations 2018 We successfully carried out the new homologations in Spain, managing to pass the braking and safety tests on the homologated rear protection. As a detail, we highlight that our trailers are safer circulating with anti-underrun than other vehicles in circulation. For Hermanos Garcia, safety is paramount, that is why at the brake level, we maintain the same brake pad dimensions that we began to put in our manufactured in 2008. Instalaciones 2020 Systems developments 2020 We continue taking care of the environment and we begin to develop distribution systems proportional to advance in our spreaders. We analyze manure using Geo-Spider display software and load cells so our spreaders carry out fertilizing tasks with precision by collecting data in big data and turning field information in real time into successful decisions. Producto Futuro Next future About the future you can create it or suffer it, so we are creating it. We strive for the development of sustainable ways of working with the environment and the evolution of our products, in order to meet all the needs of our customers and together continue to grow in quality and quantity. Twelve years after the start of exports, we have been able to sell our trailers on five continents. In the national market, we continue to be leaders in trailer sales for the last 18 years, with the HG brand being a trusted and reference brand in the Spanish market ... hoping that over time we will be a world reference brand. 1933 1905 1934 1955 1968 1979 1987 2001 2003 2006 New Layer 2009 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 2020 FUTURE